This section provides information on how to install Ark Shower Screens. It is recommended to review this with your installer prior to making a purchase to ensure that the necessary preparations are made.

Planning your installation

It is important to take the following into consideration while you are planning your bathroom renovation:

  • Our bath shower screens are heavy, weighing between 56 and 72lbs, depending on the model you choose. Consequently they need to be securely fixed to the wall and the wall itself needs to be sound.
  • The weight of the frameless bath shower screens are taken completely by the screws fixing the two discrete hinges to the wall, whereas the weight of the semi-frameless bath shower screens are taken mainly by the tub (because the bottom of the continuous hinge rests on the tub ledge) and partly by the screws fixing the mounting bracket to the wall.
  • The bathtub must be level and the wall plumb in preparation for a good installation of theframeless range. The hinge assembly of the semi-frameless shower door model can accommodate a greater degree out of level/plumb 'ness'(!) Please contact us if you have questions about this.

  • The surface of the tub ledge must be flat, otherwise the bottom seal may not be able to accommodate irregularities or depressions, allowing water to go underneath. A long, straight edge, e.g. a steel rule or combination square can be used to check this - if daylight can be seen between the tub and the edge then the tub is not level enough. It is particularly important to check this if you have a cast iron tub.
  • It is recommended to find a good contractor who can assess your particular situation and take all necessary steps (e.g. wall preparation, fastener/anchor selection) appropriate to ensure a safe and sound installation.
  • We can often recommend a contractor in your area who knows how to install our shower screens and has been recommended by other customers; please contact us if you would like us to check our database.

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