Ark Shower Screens - the sleek alternative to shower curtains and sliding tub doors. Clean and simple bathtub screens with European design and function to transform your bathroom.

Frameless and Semi-frameless shower screens* to suit most bathtubs

Frameless bath screen from Ark Showers

The frameless shower screen range features two discrete hinges for a minimalist appearance.

Semi-frameless bath screen from Ark Showers

The semi-frameless range has a continu- ous hinge providing a water tight seal. Looks and practicality combined.

We specialize in bathtub shower screens - that's all we do... Our frameless and semi-frameless glass bathtub screens have a number of features designed to enhance the appearance of your bathroom and provide a more enjoyable showering experience, for years to come:

Euro style hinged shower doors

  • No hardware (no rails, curtain rods etc.) except wall hinge(s) Learn more
  • Trackless, for a clean, simple, open look
  • Opens up to 90 degrees into and out of the bathtub

Large, single glass panel

  • Thick, clear tempered glass Learn more
  • Keeps water inside the bathtub
  • Show off those beautiful tiles!


  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Environmentally friendly

Over 100 models to choose from

  • Choice of height, width, finish, glass styleClearShield Clean Glass Technology
  • ClearShield glass option available on most bathtub screens Learn more
  • Same day shipping on most models

Straight forward, competitive prices

  • $399/$449 (semi-frameless/frameless) for the 60" high by 30" wide model, any finish
  • Add $49 for the wider 33.5" models
  • Add $29/$79 for the taller 64"/70" models
  • ClearShield glass option for an additional $99
  • $79 flat rate shipping to the lower 48 US states
  • Custom quality euro style shower doors for a fraction of the price Learn more
Frequently asked questions

*Nomenclature - why 'shower screen'?

There is no universally recognized phrase in the US to describe what in the UK is known as a 'bath screen'. Consensus seems to be heading towards 'shower screen' or more descriptively 'bathtub shower screen' (although the word 'screen' is sometimes confused in the US with something that keeps bugs and the like out, as in 'screen door'). Our customers refer to the product using combinations of 'pivoting', 'frameless', 'seamless', 'European', 'glass', ' bath', 'tub', 'bathtub', 'trackless', 'glass' with 'door', 'screen', 'shield', 'panel' and probably several others. Popular phrases are 'seamless shower shield', 'euro style shower door' and 'trackless tub screen' to name three but the possibilities are endless!

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