This page provides information on the installation of our semi-frameless bathtub shower screens:

Written guide:

To download a PDF document describing the installation of our semi-frameless bathtub screen, click here.
Trouble downloading? Please contact us.

Video guide:

PLEASE NOTE: The written guide has been updated over time and includes some details not covered in the video guide. Please use the written guide as the main reference and the video guide for additional information only.

Part 1 – Mark and drill the holes

Shows you the tools for the job, unpacking the screen, measuring and marking the holes for the mounting bracket, safety considerations and drilling the holes.

Part 2 – Fix mounting bracket and screen in place

Shows how to insert the anchors, apply silicone to the mounting bracket, lining up and fixing the mounting bracket to the wall, moving the shower screen into position and fixing the shower screen to the mounting bracket.


The written and video guides shown below are for information purposes only. Ark Showers recommends that only trained professionals install our bathtub shower screens and warns its customers that the installation of shower doors performed by those who are not professionally qualified or trained to do so could result in serious bodily injury or property damage. Ark Showers accepts no responsibility for such damage or injury resulting from the installation of its products.

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