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1  Can I buy the hardware from you guys? Hinges, etc.. - Shelley

2  Where can I download the installation guide?

3  My tub is in a corner (not an alcove). Will the water escape at the opposite end of the tub (to where the shower head is)?

4  How do I order a replacement seal?

5  I am installing a frameless shower screen. I have solid wood framing behind the tile and backer board where the screen will go. Do I need to use the anchors? Or can I just install the screws into the framing?

6  Have an old tub with rounded tops down the length, but flat tops head and foot. Can your screens work?

7  I read there was a 24" w version on some models, but see nothing further about which that is?

8  Do you make custom sizes? 55"x 30" for example

9  Hi, I'd like to order a door with a 'brushed gold' hinge but all you have is polished gold or polished brass. Is there anyway to get a brushed gold option?

10  I am looking for a list of people who can install your product in Philadelphia. I live in 11930 zip code.

11  Do Ark Showers screens let any water out?

12  If I ordered the shower glass today, when can I expect to receive it?

13  When may an Ark Shower Screen not be suitable?

14  The seal has holes on either end that seem to let water in. I can clean it with pipe cleaners but was wondering if you had caps for this seal? Thanks

15  How far does the shower screen swing in/out?

16  My toilet/vanity is very close to my tub. Will a shower screen work?

17  Are shower screens safe for bathing children?

18  What is ClearShield?

19  Do I need to specify left or right hand?

20  How do I change the bottom seal?

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