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1  How far does the shower screen swing in/out?

2  My toilet/vanity is very close to my tub. Will a shower screen work?

3  How do I change the bottom seal?

4  When is an Ark Shower Screen a good solution?

5  What height to I need?

6  What is ClearShield?

7  What width do I need?

8  Do I need to specify left or right hand?

9  Can I replace sliding shower doors with a shower screen?

10  Hi! We've just finished our bathroom renovation with one of your beautiful shower doors, we love it! We got one with the 'clear shield', any special directions for cleaning it? Thank you!

11  What size of tub do I need?

12  Do you offer custom sizes?

13  I am looking for a list of people who can install your product in Philadelphia. I live in 11930 zip code.

14  Do you offer a trade discount?

15  I have removed my tub and wish to use a shower screen for a walk-in shower? Would it work?

16  Where can I purchase replacement seals?

17  I have a one-piece tub surround. Will your shower screens work with this?

18  Do I need someone to come out and measure up?

19  Your FAQs answered lots of my questions. I have another: Do you have the names of one or two pros in San Francisco who have experience installing your screens? I am not "handy" Your product appears to be just what I am looking for. I am thinking of 70 inches high and still deciding between 30 and 33 inches. I would pick semi-frameless because it seems sturdier. I like that you use the thicker glass.

20  How do I order a replacement seal?

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