Frequently Asked Questions

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1  Where can I download the installation guide?

2  Are shower screens safe for bathing children?

3  How far does the shower screen swing in/out?

4  How do I change the bottom seal?

5  When is an Ark Shower Screen a good solution?

6  Do I need to specify left or right hand?

7  What width do I need?

8  What is ClearShield?

9  My toilet/vanity is very close to my tub. Will a shower screen work?

10  Can I replace sliding shower doors with a shower screen?

11  What height to I need?

12  Hi! We've just finished our bathroom renovation with one of your beautiful shower doors, we love it! We got one with the 'clear shield', any special directions for cleaning it? Thank you!

13  I am installing a frameless shower screen. I have solid wood framing behind the tile and backer board where the screen will go. Do I need to use the anchors? Or can I just install the screws into the framing?

14  What size of tub do I need?

15  Do you offer custom sizes?

16  I have removed my tub and wish to use a shower screen for a walk-in shower? Would it work?

17  Where can I purchase replacement seals?

18  Do you offer a trade discount?

19  I have a one-piece tub surround. Will your shower screens work with this?

20  How do I order a replacement seal?

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