Kathleen T's testimonial, ctd.

We recently renovated two identical 5’ x 9’ bathrooms. Both had a fiberglass tub with shower wall surround as one unit.

In the first bathroom, we decided to do away with the bathtub altogether and replace it with a tiled shower.. We decided to go for a contemporary look and one that would be easy to clean. We talked to the contractor about what we were thinking and he was not very supportive of using Ark Showers. He tried to direct us to having a custom shower glass with a door. The contractor thought that there would be too much splash using the Ark Showers. I wasn’t happy with the contractors solution not only because of the cost but also it wasn’t really the “look” I wanted for that bathroom. I didn’t really want a door either. To me his idea seemed old fashioned and stodgy. I showed him the Ark Showers website and some of the examples but he still fought me on it. At this point I called Ark Showers and the person I spoke to was so patient with me! I told him all the arguments the contractor had given me and he basically held my hand and walked me through every single issue. It was with his support and encouragement that I had the confidence to know the product would work and be exactly what I wanted. I ordered the shower screen. Installing the shower screen was one of the last things the contractor did. My husband helped him install the shower screen and it basically was installed in less than an hour. The contractor admitted that installation was no problem and that it really did look good.

For several reasons we went with a new contractor for the second bathroom. In this bathroom we installed a regular tub but used tile to surround it. Again I wanted to use Ark Showers because I wanted a clean, contemporary look without having the messy shower curtain. I called Andrew again and went with exactly what he suggested and it is perfect! The bathroom literally feels like a spa and having the shower screen is a big part of that.

In full disclosure I have to say in the shower only bathroom there is a little bit of spray after taking a shower. But I honestly don’t feel like this is anymore than would be if we had a shower curtain. We just put down a bathmat and it catches any spray. In the other bathroom there really isn’t any spray that escapes at all. The tub height catches all the spray and it is really a pleasure not having the shower curtain that was always blowing or moldy or messy looking. Plus, with the shower screen all my beautiful tile work can be seen and I just love that part of it.

I am so glad I found Ark Showers and when anyone sees our new bathrooms they always comment on the shower screen and love how it looks. If you are on the fence jump off because it is such a wonderful product! Easy to clean too – we just use a squeegee after every shower and it is clean as a whistle!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ark Showers for their patience with me as I made my selections. They answered every question and concern and never acted irritated with me as I went on and on. Thanks Ark Showers!

Sincerely, Kathleen